I Squandered My Vision

I was on a longer mtb ride about 15 years ago, and my chain broke. No big deal, I always had a multitool and some spare chain links. After the group got stopped and were rejoining, I was trying to see the parts of the chain and realized I couldn’t focus well enough to fix it. Had to ask that embarrassing question: “I can’t see, can you help me?” Of course I got a volunteer, and we eventually got going again. The rest of the ride, I wondering why me, only during the non-exciting pedally sections . What’d I do to my vision?

I think I spent too much time looking at the wrong things, new bikes, shiny parts, reading articles about exiting trails, but in reality, I may have not squandered my vision, just happens with age. And it doesn’t seem to come back with reduced use! I realized I would have to take some type of reading glasses so I could take care of small close issues that arise. I could see perfectly beyond about 4 feet, or so I thought, the first prescription proved I was wrong. I’ve been wearing bifocals for about 15 years now. Maybe some things way out there are getting a little fuzzy.

I went to WalGreens and got some of those really narrow readers that come with a small case, put them in the CamelBack. I knew there had to be a better, simpler solution. Eventually, the GPS started getting fuzzy, and using this to follow unknown course began to be a navigation issue. I was getting so near to needing a solution that I didn’t have to stop and pull out of the bag.

I mentioned this problem on the local bike email list and got a suggestion for stick on reader strips from a fishing store. These were great, from Hydrotac, https://www.hydrotaclenses.com/. Added these to the bottom of my riding glasses and all was good! Until they fall off when the adhesive fails, around a month or two. I used these until I discovered the next solution.

Rudy Project, with the slightly visible reader lens edge. These are polarized also.

Walking around the Interbike Outdoor Demo Day, in 2012, we stopped to check out the Rudy Project booth, really liked one of their helmets that I had been wearing, https://www.rudyprojectna.com/. And what did my fuzzy eyes find? Rudy Project glasses with reading lenses! I got a pair, around $60.00, and enjoyed a few years of trouble-free vision needs while riding.


As I continued to squander my vision, I needed a stronger lens. In comes Tifosi, https://www.tifosioptics.com/product/veloce-clear-cycling-glasses/. I got a pair of Veloce Readers, with a stronger magnification than the Rudy’s, plenty strong! Great glasses and not quite as dark as the Rudy Project lenses, so I could ride into the evening a little further.

Tifosi Veloce, with the slightly visible reader lens edge.

After a couple years with these, I realized I needed clear lenses, since I was riding during dark more and more. Tifosi once again had the solution- transition lenses! Plenty dark on a sunny day and almost clear at night, and the reading strip was plenty strong, still is. I’ve abused the clear pair for over two years with no issues. Many miles of biking and running. I clean the lenses with soapy water usually, the surface is holding up well. Looking at these from the front, when they are clear, you can see the reader strip, but otherwise they’re just great looking sport glasses.

TIfosi clear
Tifosi Veloce Light Night Fototec Readers

Can I really see distant things that great? No, but I’ve tried to ride with my prescription glasses, and depth of field is too jacked to feel comfortable. I prefer my unadjusted distant vision, but with the reading capability of the Tifosi glasses, I’ve been able to see my way through everything.




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