Peloton Wallet

Ever had a perfect wallet?


I’ve been through many! Went a few years with no wallet at all, just kept track of cards and cash, somehow.

I’ve had this leather wallet from Peloton Magazine,, for maybe three years now. It’s not big, or full of features. Only has two slots, which I keep stuffed with a few cards, a couple of dollars, and maybe 50 to 100k WON (₩). This was designed to fit a jersey pocket, and the chain link pull tab is to help find it and pull it from the pocket, works great!


Leather is absorbent, and with the high humidity here in SoKo in the summer, I sometimes put this in a plastic baggy. Nothing like paying with damp Bill’s.

I enjoy the real leather aspect and the simplicity, I’d buy another one if needed, and I don’t recall the price, sorry.






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